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The Fridge-It Odor Absorber uses advanced activated charcoal technology to eliminate refrigerator and other household smells for up to 6 months! This innovative odor eliminator absorbs smells and offensive odors by trapping odor molecules instead of just covering them up. The Fridge-It odor eliminator has been featured on news programs as well as The Food Network as a leader in odor elimination!

But the odor eliminator power doesn’t stop there! Fridge-It cubes are allergen free, fragrance free, and pet-safe. These fast-acting odor eliminators can be used throughout the house to combat pet odor, smoke odor, cat odor, and even car odor! Just hang this convenient odor-eliminating cube wherever you need reinforcements and let the odor elimination begin!

Innofresh Products, Inc. also has a complete line of odor eliminator and air freshener products for your entire home or business! Innofresh Products, Inc. now offers a complete line of fragrance free air fresheners that includes: Pet Odor Eliminator, Auto Odor Eliminator, Sports Odor Eliminator, and Smoke Odor Eliminator! Don’t suffer through bad smells or drown in perfumed air fresheners anymore! Order your Fridge-It Odor Eliminator today!

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